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I'm in a good mood for two, now three good reasons. Unbelievable!

Firstly yesterday we had two callers to the flat, two ladies on behalf of the Cats Protection in Canterbury. Richi this year had been trying without me knowing to get me a cat which I'd always said I would like more than anything else. Last year it was too difficult for various reasons. He'd taken Christmas as the opportunity to to get one but obviously the shelter don't like this, but on meeting me I think they could see I'm cat mad and not a child wanting a kitten to play with.
So after lot of questions and filling out of a form, she was happy to let us adopt a cat. I am so happy, this is the longest I have gone without a cat in my life, and it's felt like something is missing. A cat besides my Richi, is my ultimate companion, they never cease to surprise me with their quirks and funny ways, the feeling of caring for them and what they can give you back, even though they only will do on their terms.
I had already heard of about three cats they have ready, and although I would love all of them in an ideal world, one cat stuck in my head and was the one they suggested. He is a black male cat, amber eyes, very timid and shy. He reminds me lots of Des, but will never replace Des. Des was the king of cats.
This little guy is called stumpy due to having no tail, and apparently has a round face. Awesome! I was considering renaming him Dante after Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy, just think that will suit him. Then I remembered an idea a while back of calling a cat Stiltzkin after this dude:



Stiltzkin is a legendary moogle from Final Fantasy, who likes to travel a lot and sell you stuff. Stumpy seems to be a house cat who doesn't like going outside much but he can be a retired Stiltzkin.
With any luck our Stiltzkin will be coming to our flat just after Christmas. WooHoo!!!!

Also yesterday with much excitement we found out Rage Against the Machine made it to NO.1 which goes to show what we can do if we try, Richi and I bought it 6 times between us and it's always been an anthem to us. Knowing it's Christmas No.1 and beating that cynical idiot cowell at his own game is blissful..

Anyway today just before getting up for work, Maggie calls me to say the coffee shop is going to be closed! That's probably the first time that's happened since I been there, at least from that early a time. It was due to too many essential staff not being in so I get another day off, meaning I only work Tue and Wed. Could be possible tomorrow, who knows, just hoping my pay is not affected, I don't know yet.

Found out Brittney Murphy died yesterday, she was only 3 years older than me.


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Dec. 21st, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
Yay!!! So glad you're getting a new kitty flatmate! Post pictures!

And I can tell you that many of us here in the states are pleased that Rage kicked Simon Cowell squarely in the nuts. With so many people sick of reality television and the shit music it produces these days, I'm surprised it even survives. Lowest common denominator, I guess.
Dec. 23rd, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
Oh you will get pictures I promise, lots!
Yeah, I used to think Cowell was the honest one, but now see he just manipulates his words to achieve what ever he wants. Rage has made the Christmas No.1 interesting again so that's no bad thing!
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